Through the Storm is a hurricane and flash flood weather safety game made by Erica J Lee and Elleyce Pahang for EarthGames Studio at the University of Washington.

It is recommended to play the in-browser version of the game on Chrome desktop. The in-browser game does not work on mobile.

Safari and Firefox currently have issues with Unity WebGL's videoplayer and will only start gameplay after the intended 1 minute video plays blacked out. Microsoft Edge does show the video cutscenes but the cursor disappears.

Below are download links for local desktop versions of the game for Mac and Windows.

Press esc to skip cutscenes. During gameplay, press esc to pause the game.


Through the Storm Mac OS Game 109 MB
Through the Storm Windows Game 106 MB


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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 04:10 (The 2nd Game)

That was rather cute. Good job bro.


Thank you so much for playing! We really appreciate you playing our first game! (:

Looks like an interesting weather-survival game ... Unfortunately, the download for WinOS platform consists only of a single tiny EXE file (624.5 KB, compiled: 10 Dec 2018).

Clicking the EXE file leads to the launch error: "The program can't start because UnityPlayer.dll is missing from your computer."

If the game was created using Unity v2017.x onwards, it has a unityplayer.dll dependency. (Not so for games created with older Unity versions.)

As such, the standalone exported ZIP package for a playable WinOS build should have a directory structure similar to the following:-

  • \Through the Storm_Data\  subfolder containing game assets
  • \Through the Storm.exe  executable "wrapper" that calls the below DLL
  • \UnityPlayer.dll  engine code, allows game to be played as standalone on WinOS

Thanks !

Thank you so much for catching that! We appreciate the help! We will update it soon!

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Just letting you know if you haven't already found out, that the issue should be fixed now! Thank you again for catching that mistake!